Juneau Empire: An open letter to Alaska’s Congressional delegation

Social Security is just what it says. I have been paying into it for years. It is mine; not yours to do with what you deem politically expedient. And for that matter you can pay me back, with interest, all of the money that has been taken from Social Security to pay for other parts of the government.

I pay for my health insurance every month. It is called Medicare. As far as I can tell, you don’t pay for yours. I do. I also pay for your wages and that makes me your boss.

Two of my sons have “pre-existing conditions” and before the Affordable Care Act would have made health insurance either impossible or prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, Medicaid expansion under ACA has paid for medical care for a severe eye infection that has left one of them almost blind and unable to work. I also have fishermen friends who have been able to get somewhat affordable insurance on the ACA exchange. What exactly are they supposed to do?

What part of climate change and ocean acidification do you not understand? After all you represent Alaska where it is becoming more obvious every day. I kind of like oysters, crabs and the seafood that depend on a healthy ph level in our oceans. Not to mention that these things are a tremendous economic driver in our state.

Alaska is home to great national parks. Is this congress and administration going to compromise the care of the environment to the point that we may no longer have these critical flora and fauna habitats for the future study and pleasure of this planet?

What exactly do you not get about Planned Parenthood? Planned or Parenthood? This program exists largely to prevent unwanted pregnancies, not to end them.

What about international relations? The last thing this planet needs is a know-nothing hothead who tweets his way into trouble daily. You can continue to support him or you can do something about it.

I could go on and on, but you get the point; or at least I hope you do. If you don’t, there are thousands of Alaskans and millions of people worldwide who could help you. That was made more than crystal clear by the marches this week. These marches were not aimed solely at the disaster who somehow ended up our “President”. They were aimed at you. And you had better pay attention. We are watching.

Sue Oliphant