What are “LTEs” and “Op-Eds” and how do I submit one?

Alaska’s media channels encourage residents to make themselves heard through opinion pages. Opinion pages help sculpt the community’s narrative and certainly that of the editorial direction, which is why your voice and opinions matter.


An LTE is a “Letter to the Editor” and an Op-Ed simply means “opposite the editorial page” or sometimes it means “Opinion Editorial”. There is usually a named and credible author that is not affiliated with the media source or publication. Op-Eds are essentially longer credible forms of LTE’s.

Key points to make (choose one or two):

  1. Thank and urge Senator Lisa Murkowski to uphold her strong stance for a solution that makes healthcare more affordable and more accessible for Alaskans -- and continue to oppose all proposals that hurt Alaska. Ask Senator Dan Sullivan to oppose all proposals that hurt Alaska and stand up for a solution that makes healthcare more affordable and more accessible
  2. The Senate and House health care repeal bill is very bad for Alaska’s economy and middle class. The proposals would increase premiums for the average Alaskan, reduce tax credits for middle income Alaskans, eliminate thousands of jobs and increase the risk of medical bankruptcy.
  3. Impact of cuts to Medicaid are severe and far reaching for Alaskans.

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LTE: “I am Bob from Sitka, I support the ACA because I need it for XXXX. I want Lisa and Dan to know I need the ACA as I am single bread winner and a fisherman. My family, community, and my employees need my business to help the economy. Thanks! – Johnny - Sitka, Alaska”

Op-Ed: “My name John Smith. I am a board member for the Sitka Fisheries Association. As a small business owner and board member of the regions largest fisheries association, and a life long fisherman, there are three areas of concern me and the Sitka Fisheries Association have with the present direction we are headed with the ACA....” (A few paragraphs or so establishing your authority/credibility and your opinion or statement of fact or inference and you conclude).


General Guidelines

Generally speaking, LTE’s should not exceed 350 to 400 words. And Op-Eds should be 500 to 750 words.

In most cases to submit an LTE you will need to submit your full name (no abbreviation), daytime and evening phone numbers and physical address (this information will not be published, just you first name and hometown usually).

For an Op-Ed you will need your name, hometown, email address, phone number and a sentence identifying your credentials and in rare cases, a headshot photograph suitable for publication. Op-Eds should be well- written and well-researched with attribution of sources if you site them.


If you are interested in crafting an LTE or Op-Ed here is submission infomation for the major newspapers in Alaska.  If you don't see your local paper listed, go to their Opinion page on the website for guidance. Another place to look: the "contact us" page of the newspaper's website sometimes lists the opinion page editor's email and phone number.

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: letters@newsminer.com // (907) 459-7574

Alaska Dispatch: commentary@alaskadispatch.com // (907) 257-4308

Juneau Empire: editor@juneauempire.com // (907)586-3740


We are here to help get your voice and opinion heard. If you need a template or any assistance at all please contact Andre Horton (andre@haka.company). Andre is happy to help you draft an Op-Ed or LTE and get it to the media source of your choice.